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    *Facebook not allowing videos to play. Must find alternate solution Previously Recorded Sermons Play Video Play Video September 5th, 2021 Play Video Play Video August 29th, 2021 Play Video Play Video August 22nd, 2021 Play Video Play Video August 15th, 2021 Play Video Play Video August 8th, 2021 Play Video Play Video August 1st, 2021 Play Video Play Video July 25th, 2021 Play Video Play Video July 18th, 2021

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    Jones Chapel Baptist Church God has blessed us with another year of worship experience! Learn more about how we got started below 127th Church Anniversary Our History Sunday, May 21st, 2023 10:00 AM 2726 Kennerly Rd. Orangeurg, SC 29115 Sharing the word and love of God in our community is a priority. Join us in our mission to serve! WELCOME Find Us! 2726 Kennerly Road (29118) Post Office Box 426 (29116) Orangeburg, South Carolina Service TImes ​ Sunday 9:00 AM - Sunday School 10:00 AM - Morning Worship Service ​ Wednesday 6:30 PM - Bible Study ​

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    Virtual Worship Experience Most Recent Sermon Can't join us in person? No worries! You can view a video of one of our sermons here!

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    History The Jones Chapel Baptist Church was organized in 1896 under the leadership of Reverend S. J. Murph and Reverend Marsh Thompson. The first wooden structure was built shortly after the organization of the church. The original cornerstone was placed in the wooden structure in October 1943. Records indicate that Brother Marshall Jones for whom the church was named donated this property. The records also indicate that the Reverend Marsh Thompson presided over the first called meeting of Jones Chapel. According to records, Reverend Marsh Thompson served as pastor until Reverend Bendy Logan became the first full-time pastor. In addition to the aforementioned pastors, the following ministers also served. They were: Reverend S. Benjamin, Reverend J. Box, Reverend June Mitchell, Reverend H. N. Arell, Reverend Sam Daniels, Reverend W. N. Stevenson, Reverend C. D. Salley, Reverend L. R. Rush, Reverend Ed Smith, Reverend M. C. Curry, Reverend J. D. Brown, Reverend Jack D. Dash, Reverend C. L. Ulmer (1961 - 1965) and Reverend James Jeffcoat, Sr. Reverend J. D. Brown was elected in 1936 and served until 1958. At the onset of Reverend Brown's leadership, our church organizations were limited to ‘one choir’ - the Senior Choir, the Willing Workers' Club, the Missionary Society Club and an Ushers' Board. During his tenure, Reverend Brown was instrumental in the construction of the present building. A cornerstone was placed in the brick structure that was completed in 1952. In the early 1950's during Reverend Brown leadership, the church acquired an additional choir. This was the Junior Choir, which was originally organized by Sister Willie Mae Jones Smalls. The group was reorganized in 1958 and served for many years as of the Jones Chapel Gospel Choir. In the mid to late 1950's, Sister Smalls with the help of Sister Annette Jones Wright, as the musician, organized the first Children's Choir. The group was short-lived but did allow the tots-to-teens to be involved in the worship services. Reverend J. D. Dash was elected in 1959 and served until 1961. He was instrumental in organizing the first youth department at Jones Chapel. While Reverend Dash worked with the young men, his wife, Sister Esther Dash worked with the young women. Together the male and female groups were known as the "Starlight Club." The following deacons and trustees have served during or since the establishment of the church. The deacons were Deacon Ben Griddle, Deacon Mazalon Parker, Deacon Dink Thomas, Deacon Spencer Pauling, Sr., Deacon Matthew Pough, Deacon Shedrick Davis, Deacon Jeff Pauling, Deacon Henry Dykes, Deacon Marion Murph, (Chairman), Deacon Coleman Jones, Sr., Deacon David Murph, and Deacon George D. Jones, Jr. The trustees were Brother Shedrick Thomas, Brother William Jennings, (Chairman) and Brother W. T. Colter. Reverend James Jeffcoat, Sr., was elected in February 1966. His service extended through October 2000. Under the leadership of Reverend James Jeffcoat, the church underwent several remodeling and expansion projects. The following officers were added to our leadership roster: Deacon Robert E. Jones, Brother John C. Glover, Brother Harold K. Hailey, Brother Arthur L. Jones, Brother Harry L. Lewis, Brother Clarence Livingston, Brother T. J. Ross, Brother Charlie Jones, Brother Samuel Jones, Brother Lawson Day, Brother Hurley Johnson, Brother Alvern Murph, Brother Franklin Rice, Brother Nicholas L. Jones, Deacon Elmore Bryant, Deacon Carl G. Johnson, Brother Edward Lewis, and Brother John McNeil. In 1974, the sanctuary was renovated along with the erection of the Education Hall. Serving as deacons during the 1974 renovations were: Deacon George D. Jones, Jr., (Chairman); Deacon Coleman Jones, Sr., Deacon Joseph W. Rice, Jr., Deacon Lealather Mayers, II, Deacon Isaiah Sistrunk, Jr. Serving as trustees during the 1974 renovations were: Brother Willie Jennings, (Chairman); Brother Lealather Mayers, Sr., Brother Charlie Jones, Brother Alvern Riley, Brother Jeremiah Glover, Brother Franklin Jones, Brother Kenneth Hailey, Brother David Jones and Brother Paul Lewis. In 1970, Sister Frances Thomas Sistrunk organized a young adult choir who took on the name of the Junior Choir. The name was later changed from the Junior Choir to the Inspirational Choir. In January 1993, the Inspirational Choir merged with the Senior Choir and functioned as the Senior - Inspirational Choir. Sister Sistrunk was also instrumental in organizing the Sunbeam Choir in the early 1980s. The choir, although no longer functioning, later changed its name to the J & J Choral Ensemble. In 1988, 1995, 1996 and 2000, additional enhancements were made to the church. These enhancements included the expansion of the choir-stand and the Educational Hall. The Educational Hall was enlarged to the present Fellowship Hall, which is now suited to multi-purpose activities. The baptismal pool and the kitchen area were modernized and moved to their present locations, along with the addition of clerical staff offices, meeting and conference rooms. Over the years, Jones Chapel gained the following groups that have functioned and/or are still functioning. They are the Ladies Auxiliary, the Missionary Society, and Pulpit Aide now functioning as The Pastor’s Aide Committee with Sister Pearl McNeil as President. The Gospel Choir, the Senior - Inspirational Choir, the Children's Choir now functioning as the Angelic Choir, the Mass Choir, the Spiritual Voices of Praise Choir and the Male Chorus, which began with Deacon Harry L. Lewis, Sr. President. Brother Curtis Lewis serves as the Male Chorus current President. There is the Deaconess Board with its first president of record as Sister Flossie Murph. Sister Mildred H. Rice is the current Deaconess Board President. The Youth Department; the Brotherhood now functioning as the Progressive Men’s Ministry and of course our Sunday School from the onset of the Jones Chapel Baptist Church. Although many have led the Sunday School Department, Sister Patricia Young is the current Sunday School Superintendent. The New Inspiration Choir formed late 2011 and served only a couple years, is no longer functioning but is still prayerful that the young adult group will rise again. Jones Chapel has grown from worship services twice a month to having worship services every Sunday. On Wednesday before each fifth Sunday, there is a mid-week fellowship with the Mt. Pisgah Union, which is one of our affiliates. We are also affiliated with the Mt. Olive Sunday School Congress of Christian Education, the Mt. Olive Baptist Association and Mt. Olive Corporation. In 2000, Jones Chapel Baptist Church was Incorporated (Inc.) On September 15, 2001, Reverend Bryce D. Jamison was elected and is currently serving as pastor of Jones Chapel. Since Reverend Jamison’s acceptance as pastor, he has been instrumental in the enhancement and/or the formation of several new organizations and ministries. They are 1.) The Seniors Ministry with Sister Sylvia Myers as its first Director. Deacon Isaiah Sistrunk is the current Director. 2.) The Singles Ministry with Sister Shuntá Hailey as its first Director. Sister Monica Hailey is the current director. 3.) The Ladies Auxiliary evolved into the Missionary Society with Sister Dorothy Augustus as its first presiding officer. Because of their distinct services, the group was again separated and currently functions with Sister Belinda Hickson as President of the Ladies Auxiliary and Sister Mary Lewis as President of the Missionary Society. 4.) The Out-Reach Ministry is currently spearheaded by Reverend Harry Lewis. 5.) The Youth Department and the informal Youth Advisory Board was transformed into a formal Youth Ministry with Deacon Harry L. Lewis, Sr., as the first Director. Sister Margaret L. Jones is the current Youth Ministry Director. 6.) There is an active Couples Ministry with Deacon Harry L. Lewis, Sr., as President. On May 1, 2006, Reverend Harry Lewis was appointed to chair the Visitation Committee. The present Executive Board members are: Deacon Isaiah Sistrunk, Jr. (Chairman of the Board of Deacons Ministry); Deacon Joseph W. Rice, Jr. (Assistant Chairman of the Board of Deacons Ministry), Deacon Robert E. Jones (Church Clerk); Deacon Willie Hampton, Deacon Carlos Lewis, Deacon Harry L. Lewis, Sr., Deacon Henry Lewis and Deacon John D. McNeil. Other board members include Brother Harold K. Hailey (Chairman of the Board of Trustees Ministry); Brother Nicholas L. Jones, (Assistant Chairman of the Board of Trustees Ministry and Assistant Church Clerk); Brother Reginald G. Hailey (Treasurer); Sister Mildred H. Rice (Assistant Treasurer), Sister Barbara Charley, Brother Kenneth B. Hailey, Brother Willie Jennings (officially celebrated as Trustee Emeritus on March 26, 2017), Brother David Jones, Brother Franklin Jones, Brother Alvern Murph, and Sister Patricia H. Young.

  • About | Jones Chapel Baptist

    OUR PASTOR ​ ​ ​ On September 15, 2001, Reverend Bryce D. Jamison was elected and is currently serving as pastor of Jones Chapel. ​ ​ View More OUR CHURCH The Jones Chapel Baptist Church was organized in 1896 under the leadership of Reverend S. J. Murph and Reverend Marsh Thompson. The first wooden structure was built shortly after the organization of the church. The original cornerstone was placed in the wooden structure in October 1943. ​ ​ View More

  • Christian Education | Jones Chapel Baptist

    Christian education ministries bible study To extend the studies of the Bible beyond the one-hour on Sunday mornings, Bible study is held on Wednesday night. Various books and chapters of the Bible are studied in depth. This is an educational session with study notes and guides. prayer service Although Sunday Morning Worship Services begins with a short-congregational-devotional service, Wednesday night is the night that is used for mid-week spiritual expressions. Participants may come and have much input or simply come and enjoy being-in-the-mix of the Holy Spirit. This service is held in conjunction with Bible Study. sunday school The Sunday School Department is the first organization of the church. It has been functioning since 1896. The department is the foundation whereby we begin our learning and teachings of the Bible. To make the process flow smoothly and to encourage individual input, the department is divided into classes. Each class is grouped according to age. There are as many as five (5) different classes ranging from the Adult Class down to the Pre-school toddlers. Sunday School begins the service every Sunday morning at 9:00 A.M. ​ new members This committee was designed to introduce all new members to the various organizations within the Jones Chapel Baptist Church. The committee should be able to explain the functions and purposes of each organization. The explanations will also include the duties and functions of the pastor, deacons and trustees, beyond the spiritual counseling prior to baptism.

  • Our Pastor | Jones Chapel Baptist

    Reverend Bryce D. Jamison is a native of Walterboro, South Carolina and the son of Reverend Norman Jamison and the Late Sister Theola Jamison. Now residing in Orangeburg, he and his wife, Renee are the proud parents of two daughters (Marquitis and Patrice) one son-in-law (Joe), two granddaughters (Nadiyah and Marley) and two grandsons (Kori and Liam). ​ Within 60 days of coming to Jones Chapel, Minister Bryce D. Jamison was off, and running, literally. On Saturday, September 15, 2001, he was elected as the pastor of Jones Chapel Baptist Church. Sunday, November 18, 2001, was his Installation Service, which followed his ordination services at the Mt. Olive Baptist Church of Walterboro, South Carolina just a few weeks prior. Since his acceptance of the leadership role, Pastor Jamison has been instrumental in the formation of several new organizations here at Jones Chapel - The Seniors Ministry; the Singles Ministry; the Male Chorus; the revamping of the Ladies Auxiliary, the Missionary Society , the Outreach Ministry and the Young Adult Choir. He transformed the Youth Department and Youth Advisory Board into a formal Youth Ministry, given the fact that he served as the Director of the Youth Ministry of the Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Reverend Jamison has physically involved himself in all church activities and organizations. Every Sunday he reads from Malachi 3, and does more than his fair share to help with fundraisers; however, he never misses an opportunity to teach tithing. ​ ​ Recognizing that the Bible Bowl had a great impact on the youth in Colleton County; which Reverend Jamison was the co-founder of the Colleton #1 Union Bible Bowl, he introduced the concept to the Orangeburg area. His Bible Bowl concept (a Scripture Study program geared and designed to stimulate the interest of the youth in studying the Bible) was a regular part of the Mt. Pisgah Union program outline. Reverend Jamison served as the Moderator of the Mt. Pisgah Union, one of our affiliated organizations. Reverend Jamison was elected in October 2007 to serve as the Vice Moderator and then elected in October 2011 to serve as of the Moderator of Mt. Olive Baptist Association, another of our affiliated organizations. Pastor Jamison enjoys ‘good clean Christian Fun’ but does not squander his calling for winning and bringing souls to and for Christ – from the youngest to the oldest. He has the gift to ‘gab’, a talent he possesses and apparently mastered when he was the Station Manager, Radio Announcer and Sales Manager for WVGB Radio in Beaufort, South Carolina. While not being pushy or making a nuisance of himself, he never misses the opportunity to share ‘The Word”. Pastor Jamison is an advocate of all the ministries here at Jones Chapel but because we are losing our youth in great numbers to the streets, Pastor Jamison puts many hours and great efforts into working with and for our youth. In recent years, the formation of a Health Ministry has been an added benefit to the church and community. Under his prayerful guidance, the Health Ministry was able to obtain a grant that afforded the church the opportunity to build a walking trail. This has been a brief overview of history in the making by Reverend Bryce D. Jamison and his visions. Not as traditional as most histories, but a quick yet brief peek through the window at the reasons we are here celebrating with our pastor. We, also, want to show our gratitude for his years of hard work and for the endless service, he gives. For, it is written that, we are all here for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Whichever role or impact Reverend Jamison has made in your life, rest assured that it was or it is the path that God laid for you and Pastor Jamison. It is his prayer that all of his efforts are within the will of God while always being led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Adults | Jones Chapel Baptist

    Adult ministries Couples The Couples’ Ministry provides a healthy, Christian environment that gives couples (married, engaged, and those considering marriage) the opportunity to fellowship and share common bonds and interests. We engage in discussions and activities that help them to better understand God’s true purpose for marriage. The Ministry plans periodic off-site retreats to pray together, fellowship, discuss marriage-centered topics, relax, and have fun together. Singles The vision of the Singles' Ministry is to promote single members of the Jones Chapel Baptist Church (JCBC) and the community to grow spiritually and socially, so they can thrive in every facet of life. Our mission is to develop potential relationships with members of single ministry, empower singles to grow spiritually and personally, execute Christian values and principles, actively serve the Jones Chapel Baptist Church, create an atmosphere where Biblical truth is spoken, and reach out to single adults in the community who are not members of the JCBC. planning committee The Planning Committee serves as the steering committee for the church. Church activities and its' calendar of events are planned and outlined by this committee. A representative from the each organization composes the Church’s Planning Committee. Standing committee members are the pastor, the Chairman of the Deacons Board, the Chairman of the Trustee Board, the church clerks and church secretaries. ladies auxilary The Ladies Auxilary consists of some of the church's most outgoing and determined women. Some of the responsibilities of the members of this ministry include the planning of functions (such as the Women's Day Program and the Rainbow Tea) and conducting fund-raisers throughout the year. The Ladies Auxiliary is represented in the Mt. Olive Baptist Congress of Christian Education and the Mt. Olive Baptist Association. progressive men's ministry The Progressive Men’s Ministry was formerly known as the Brotherhood. The ministry is comprised of the faithful males in all age groups of the church. Some of their responsibilities include hosting fundraisers, planning the Men's Day Program, and executing community outreach activities. This ministry meets on the second (2nd) Sunday after service. Deacon's board The Deacon's Board is the leading organization in the Church. These individuals, who have been ordained in the Baptist Church, are the spiritual leaders. In addition to the pastor, they see to it that the spiritual needs of the congregation are met. As a leader, one of their key duties is to visit the sick and shut-in, as well as, commune with them, among other responsibilities.

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    Outreach ministries mission ministry This organization is the financial assistance for the sick and shut-in and the needy. Through contributions collected, financial aid is given to members of the community in sickness and in health. Assistance is given to families devastated by home fires and those unforeseen acts of nature, etc. During the holiday season, non-perishable items are given to the sick and elderly, when funding is available. The aid is not limited to members of Jones Chapel. It is spread throughout the Orangeburg and Calhoun County areas. scholarship fund The purpose of the Jones Chapel Baptist Church Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to graduating high school seniors who are planning to further their education by enrolling in a two (2) or four (4) year institution of higher learning or to those already enrolled. To receive scholarship funds from Jones Chapel Baptist Church, a student must complete an application and meet specific guidelines. Because of the eligibility criteria, interested students should contact the Scholarship Committee early.

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    DONATE! Unable to contribute in person? No worries! Click the button below to donate via PayPal ​

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    Events Black History Month Trailblazers exist all over the world and throughout history. Please join us as we recognize those who have blazed their own trail right here in our church.

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