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Adult ministries


The Couples’ Ministry provides a healthy, Christian environment that gives couples (married, engaged, and those considering marriage) the opportunity to fellowship and share common bonds and interests. We engage in discussions and activities that help them to better understand God’s true purpose for marriage. The Ministry plans periodic off-site retreats to pray together, fellowship, discuss marriage-centered topics, relax, and have fun together.


The vision of the Singles' Ministry is to promote single members of the Jones Chapel Baptist Church (JCBC) and the community to grow spiritually and socially, so they can thrive in every facet of life. Our mission is to develop potential relationships with members of single ministry, empower singles to grow spiritually and personally, execute Christian values and principles, actively serve the Jones Chapel Baptist Church, create an atmosphere where Biblical truth is spoken, and reach out to single adults in the community who are not members of the JCBC.

planning committee

The Planning Committee serves as the steering committee for the church.  Church activities and its' calendar of events are planned and outlined by this committee.  A representative from the each organization composes the Church’s Planning Committee.  Standing committee members are the pastor, the Chairman of the Deacons Board, the Chairman of the Trustee Board, the church clerks and church secretaries. 

ladies auxilary

The Ladies Auxilary consists of some of the church's most outgoing and determined women.  Some of the responsibilities of the members of this ministry include the planning of functions (such as the Women's Day Program and the Rainbow Tea) and conducting fund-raisers throughout the year.  The Ladies Auxiliary is represented in the Mt. Olive Baptist Congress of Christian Education and the Mt. Olive Baptist Association.


men's ministry

The Progressive Men’s Ministry was formerly known as the Brotherhood. The ministry is comprised of the faithful males in all age groups of the church. Some of their responsibilities include hosting fundraisers, planning the Men's Day Program, and executing community outreach activities. This ministry meets on the second (2nd) Sunday after service.

Deacon's board

The Deacon's Board is the leading organization in the Church.  These individuals, who have been ordained in the Baptist Church, are the spiritual leaders.  In addition to the pastor, they see to it that the spiritual needs of the congregation are met.  As a leader, one of their key duties is to visit the sick and shut-in, as well as, commune with them, among other responsibilities.

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