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Christian education ministries

bible study

To extend the studies of the Bible beyond the one-hour on Sunday mornings, Bible study is held on Wednesday night.  Various books and chapters of the Bible are studied in depth.  This is an educational session with study notes and guides.

prayer service

Although Sunday Morning Worship Services begins with a short-congregational-devotional service, Wednesday night is the night that is used for mid-week spiritual expressions.  Participants may come and have much input or simply come and enjoy being-in-the-mix of the Holy Spirit.  This service is held in conjunction with Bible Study.

sunday school

The Sunday School Department is the first organization of the church.  It has been functioning since 1896.  The department is the foundation whereby we begin our learning and teachings of the Bible.  To make the process flow smoothly and to encourage individual input, the department is divided into classes.  Each class is grouped according to age.  There are as many as five (5) different classes ranging from the Adult Class down to the Pre-school toddlers.  Sunday School begins the service every Sunday morning at 9:00 A.M.

new members

This committee was designed to introduce all new members to the various organizations within the Jones Chapel Baptist Church.  The committee should be able to explain the functions and purposes of each organization.  The explanations will also include the duties and functions of the pastor, deacons and trustees, beyond the spiritual counseling prior to baptism.

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