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Youth ministries

Youth Department

The Youth Department consists of the youth within Jones Chapel and its' surrounding community.  The Youth Department conducts several major activities each year.  They host the church sponsored Senior Citizens Special Recognition Weekend in March.  The Youth Department, along with the Sunday School Department, assures youth representation at the Mt. Olive Congress of Christian Education Convention and the Mt. Olive Association Youth Nights.  One of the most out-pouring of interest and participation of the Youth Department is its' zeal and thirst during Black History Month.  They plan different activities annually to celebrate our heritage.


The Youth Department meets on the fourth (4th) Sunday of each month.  The youth members elect their Youth Department officers annually.  The youth members also elect their advisors, however the Director of the Youth Ministry is appointed by the Conference.  The youth advisors along with the youth officers compose the Youth Advisory Board.

Boys → Men

The Boys to Men youth group was created to give young men in the community a Christian, positive and safe environment to express themselves, fellowship, and educate them in the areas that a father would. The goal is to give these young men the support they need so that they may grow into wholesome, Christian adults that make positive impacts in their communities. 

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